Lesson About WaZu-Abolution





Method of Wazu

Lesson # 1


Impotance of Wuzu:

Allah the Almighty in the Holy Quran, Surah Al-Maidah 5,Verse 6:

“O you who believe! When you prepare for prayer, wash your faces, and your hands (arms) to the elbows; rub your heads (with water); and (wash) feet to the ankles.”


Q1. What is Wuzu?

Before doing worshipped getting (custom) purity is called Wazu.

Q2.How to Performing Wudhu For Your Daily Prayers

  1. Niyyat – Make intention to perform Wudhu in one’s mind for the purpose of worshipping Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala.
  2. Bismillah – At the start of Wuzu by saying Bismillah (in the Name of Allah)
  3. Hands – Wash the hands 3 times up to the wrists with water, allowing water to run between the fingers.
  4. Mouth – Rinsing the mouth with water three times. To perform miswaak (clean teeth via a stick) or your right index finger and thumb, or a toothbrush.Water reaches your throat. The mouth must be empty of food.
  5. Nose – Wash your nose three times by taking water with the right hand and sucking the water into the nostrils, and then clean the nostrils with the left hand thumb, index finger and small finger.
  6. Face – . Start from the point where the hair starts to grow till the bottom of the chin, and from one earlobe to the other. If you have a beard, you must comb through the beard with your hands to pass water through it.Clean the face 3 times .
  7. Arms – Wash the arms three times, from the elbows. Right arm first, then left.
  8. Head – Wet your hands, and then do the Masah (wiping the head) once. This is done by wetting the hands and putting the fingertips together, leaving the index fingers and thumbs separate (do not let your index fingers, thumbs and palms of your hand touch the head. Then you rub the joined three fingers through your hair, starting from the forehead to the back of the head. Then, with your fingers joined together, you rub the sides of the head by bringing the hands forward. Then you clean the inside of the ears with the index fingers and the back of the ears with the thumbs. Lastly, you wipe the nape (back of the neck) with the back of your hands, making sure that you do not wipe the sides of the throat as this is not allowed (its is Makrooh, disliked).
  9. Feet – Finally wash both feet beginning with the right first, up to the ankles. The feet should be rubbed whilst washed and water must run between the toes. No part of the foot remains dry.

Q3. What is farz and sunnahs in wazu?

Only those things are necessary which we call Farz (compulsory). If a Farz is missed then Wuzu will not be made.

If the Sunnat is missed then Wuzu is still performed. But if you do these Sunnats then the reward will be given and the reward would be greater.


Q4. How many Farz (compulsory) are there in Wuzu?

There are four Farz of Wuzu

  1. To wash the face,
  2. To wash both arms including the elbows.
  3. To wipe your wet hands over one quarter of your head.
  4. To wash both feet including the ankles.


Q5. How many Sunnats are there in Wuzu?

There are sixteen Sunnats in Wuzu,

  1. To perform niyyat (intention) for Wuzu
  2. To say Bismillah
  3. To wash both hands up to the wrists three times.
  4. To perform miswaak (clean teeth via a stick)
  5. To gargle three times by using the right hand.
  6. To suck up water into the nose by using the right hand.
  7. To clean the nose by using the left hand.
  8. To pass fingers through the beard.
  9. To pass the fingers through each other and through the toes.
  10. To wash each part three times.
  11. To pass the wet hand over the full head.
  12. To wipe the outside of the ears.
  13. To perform Wuzu in order.
  14. To wipe those hairs of the beard which are outside the borings of the face.
  15. To wash the parts of Wuzu one after the other. In other words before on part becomes dry wash the other
  16. To stay away from those things which are Makrooh (disliked)


Q6. How many Mustahabs (preferable) are there in Wuzu?

There are sixty five Mustahabs in Wuzu which are stated in the book.


Q7. What is Makrooh?

Makrooh are those things, which make Wuzu acceptable but incomplete.


Q8. What are important things break Wuzu?

  1. To pass urine.
  2. For anything to come out of the urinal or anal passage.
  3. To pass wind.
  4. For blood or puss to come out and flow from a part of the body.
  5. To vomit (a mouthful), food, water, or mucus.
  6. To sleep in such a way that the joints of the body become loose.
  7. To faint.
  8. To laugh loudly during Namaz in such a way that the people around you listen when you are performing any Namaz which has Rukooh and Sajda.
  9. Water to run forms a hurting eye.


Q9. How many things are Makrooh in Wuzu?

There are 21 things that are Makrooh in Wuzu,

There is Important one;


  1. To sit on an impure place during Wuzu.
  2. To run the water of Wuzu on the impure place.
  3. To run the drops of water from the parts of Wuzu in to the bucket to water used.
  4. To spit or pour water from the nose or mouth in the direction of the Qibla.
  5. To talk about worldly things without reason.
  6. To use more water than necessary.
  7. To gargle or suck water into the nose by using the left hand.
  8. To clean the nose by using the right hand.
  9. To dry the parts of Wuzu (but this can be done in cold weather)
  10. To deliberately miss a Sunnat.


 Lesson # 2


Q1. What are the medically benefits of Wuzu?

Medically Benefits of Wuzu

  1. 1. The patients of blood pressure make wuzu,blood pressure will become normal.
  2. 2. The patients of depression make wuzu The best cure for depression is Wuzu.
  3. To do wuzu saved from becoming paralyzed.
  4. 4. The Miswaak has many natural minerals, which prevent the teeth from many infections.

‘Miswaak strengthens a persons memory and eyesight, cures headaches and relieves the veins in the head, it gets rid of plague, keeps the person life healthy and helps digest food, increases intelligence, old age comes late and strengthens the back.’

  1. When we wash our hands, rays come out from the tips of our fingers and create a circle around our hand and due to this; our inner electrics come into motion, which makes our hands more beautiful.
  2. 6. If the person is not fasting, it is Sunnah to gargle. The one who gargles water will not get tonsillitis and he will be saved from many throat illnesses including cancer in the throat.
  3. 7. The one who does Wuzu, rinses his nose and due to this, the nose is cleaned and due to the water Entering the nose, a Muslim is saved from many illnesses of the nose.
  4. 8. A member of the American Council for beauty, ‘beychar’ has stated a very interesting fact. She states, ‘Muslims do not need any type of chemical lotions as they wash their face many times in a day during Wuzu which safeguards it from many illnesses.’ Experts say that, ‘

The face should be washed over and over again to save it from allergies.’

Alhamdu-Lillah ! This is only possible during Wuzu. Alhamdu-Lillah  the face is massaged when performing Wuzu, the blood circulates around the face and the dirt is removed from the face and it becomes more beautiful.

  1. Physicians have researched that if the eyebrows are wet frequently then one can be protected from this dangerous disease.

10.There are three major veins in the elbow that are connected to the heart, liver and the brain.To wash this part in Wuzu is obligatory and when the moisture reaches theses veins it will strengthen the heart, liver and the brain

  1. Doing masah people cannot become insane.’ Also, wiping the neck prevents one from fever.It controls blood pressure.
  2. 12. Wasing feet you save yourself from lack of sleep, dryness of the brain, nervousness and depression.



The Sunnah of my Beloved Prophet doesn’t need scientific research to be proven and our mission is not to follow the science. Our mission is to follow the Sunnah and let me say that when the European experts finish their investigation after so much research, they will find the Sunnah of The Holy Prophet (PBUH)



Islamic Benefits of Wazu

According to Hadith:

  1. When someone makes his Wudhu at home and walks to the mosque with the intention of discharging an obligation to Allah, then each (alternate) step cancels a sin while the other one adds to his virtues. (Sahih Muslim)

2.When a person performs wuzu and washes his hands,the sins of his hands are washed away and when he washes his face the sins of his face are washed away and when he wipes his head the sins of his head are washed away and when he washes his feet the sins of his feet are washed away.

  1. A person who sleeps in state of wuzu is similar to someone who worships in a state of fasting.
  2. When a person’s death in state of wuzu he is written down as a martyr.
  3. When someone is in difficulty cold or tired suffer from flu or any other illness, but someone does wuzu he will be rewarded twice as much.
  4. 6. If a person does wuzu correctly and the looks towards the sky and reads kalima-e-shahadah, all 8 gates of heaven are opened for him and he may enter through whichever one of them he please.
  5. Wuzu protect from the Unseen things.


Prepared By:

Teacher Hafiz  Wasim Abbas



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