Why Us


One-on-One classes.
Free Trial classes.
We have well trained teachers, they teach kids at their level.
Teachers are Hafiz with 16 years education and have Master degrees in Arabic Islamic studies.Teachers are Specialization in Tajweed and Qirat.
We grade our teachers in the end of the month so they try to keep their level best.
We keep on informing performance of student twice a month.
We have set our best syllabus as per student’s age.
we have four catagories of teaching course. Beginner, Junior , Seniour , Advance
We have Fiqa, Hadith,also language cources.
We don’t know about you Race, color, religion, Group ,etc


Services :

We have 24/7 Hour Teaching schedule.
Female Teachers available.
English Speaking Teachers.
We are using expensive best quality software’s to keep our service best like.
Best internet connections make our call quality perfect.
We have technical team who assist you to set up for classes.
We have multiple payment methods.
We have makeup classes for you.
Also We are Connect you throw international numbers, You can call any time anywhere to discuss performance of your children.

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